Looking For A Hearing Test in Limerick?

We are committed to providing the very highest standard of hearing care, committed to providing the latest hearing aids available

Diagnostic Hearing Tests

Comprehensive diagnostic hearing tests and hearing aid evaluations for adults and children in Limerick, ensuring that you can have complete confidence in your test results and the recommendations made.

Specialist ENT Support

We undertake specialist Audiological support for ENT Specialists. An ENT Specialist holds regular clinics in our Practice, ensuring that we have a prompt and easy referral process in place if needed.

Earwax Removal & Earcare

We undertake specialist earcare services and we offer easy and gentle earwax removal via irrigation. We also now offer micro suction earwax removal to our Patients in our clinic.

Tinnitus Management

We understand that tinnitus can be a difficult thing to deal with and we offer tinnitus management services in our Practice. Whilst there is currently no cure for tinnitus, it can be treated successfully.

Hearing Aids

We offer only the most up to date manufacturer branded hearing aids from the top manufacturers in the world. We then deliver comprehensive aftercare and rehabilitation.

Lyric Hearing Aid

The Lyric is a truly invisible, extended-wear hearing aid, which is designed to be worn 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It is specially placed deep in the ear canal and can be worn for months at a time.

Noise Protection

Conservation is better than treatment, loud sounds can cause irreversible damage, protecting your hearing is essential in any noisy environment. We offer the very best noise protection devices available.

Hearing Aid Repair

We offer repairs and servicing on all major brands of hearing aids. Quite often the repairs can be undertaken in our Practice. If we can’t, we will process the repair with the appropriate manufacturer for you.

Specialist Ear Moulds

We also offer a selection of specialist ear moulds for headphones and hearing aids. Our professional team can create a set of custom ear plugs in virtually any colour from durable, professional, top-quality materials.

Hearing Aid Fine Tuning

We ensured that we purchased the best hearing aid programming and fine tuning equipment available for our Practice in order that we could deliver the best available fit and fine tune to our Patients.

Three Reasons Why You Should Come To Us

Comprehensive Hearing Tests

We have invested heavily in state of the art equipment for our audiology suite. Equipment that allows us to offer an experience that you will get nowhere else. We undertake comprehensive diagnostic testing of your hearing in our audiological suite. We use internationally recognised best practice processes to ascertain exactly what is going on and what is the best option for you.

The Perfect Fitting

If we establish that hearing aids are the best option, we fit those hearing aids to your individual hearing loss and verify their efficacy with our state of the art fitting suite. This ensures that the hearing aids are working as they should be and that they are meeting the targets that are suitable for your loss. In this way you can be assured that the hearing aid is delivering exactly what you need.

Comprehensive Rehabilitation

Our ongoing Patient Journey means that we shall see you on a regular basis to deliver after care and rehabilitation. We can also give you the option of the LACE programme of rehabilitation. Using our state of the art follow up system we can ascertain how your hearing aids are performing in real life situations. You have problems in a cafe, our system can put you there so we know exactly what is going on.

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