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Treatment Benefit Scheme

The Department of Social Protection operate the Treatment Benefit Scheme. Eligible patients and dependant spouses who have full PRSI cover may obtain a grant towards the cost of a hearing aid. This includes contributory pensioners, invalidity pensioners, those on disability benefit and their dependant spouses. (Conditions apply.) The grant is available to qualifying non-medical card and medical cardholders alike if they obtain a hearing aid privately. Full details of the eligibility conditions for the grant may be obtained from the Department Web Site: www.welfare.ie or from our clinics.

In the case of one hearing aid being required the grant is 50% of the cost up to a maximum of €500. If two hearing aids are required the maximum grant is 50% of the cost up to a maximum of €1,000. A grant is available every four years. A grant is also available for half the cost of repairs and ear moulds. (Conditions apply).

Health/medical expenses relief

Tax relief, for prescribed medical appliances, is available to taxpayers under the MED 1 Scheme. You may claim income tax relief for hearing aids, prescribed by a Practioner, payed by you in respect of any individual. (Conditions apply). Full details may be obtained from the Revenue Commissioners’ Web Site: www.revenue.ie or from either of our clinics.

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