Custom Ear Plugs

A comprehensive case history is taken, followed by a hearing assessment. We then take impressions of the ears, which is a painless process. Skilled technicians in the laboratory craft them and the result is custom-made earplugs. These reduce damaging frequencies whilst still allowing you to hear. A range of special filters reduces the levels by 9, 15 or 25 decibels. All the filters we supply conform to noise safety legislation. We also fit earplugs without filters, which further reduce noise. Custom-made electronic ear protectors are also available. Uses: Industry, Professional, Personal, Musicians, Motor sports, Motorcyclists and Shooting.

Noise Protection

Prolonged exposure to noise will damage your hearing. Noise induced hearing loss is one of the most insidious attacks on our central nervous system. It can be seriously disabling.

The type of damage caused by loud sound is irreversible, permanent and unfortunately goes unnoticed until it is too late. There are a number of possible causes for hearing loss other than exposure to loud sound. However, hearing loss due to noise exposure is different in one way – it can be prevented or reduced. When you must be around noise, either at work or at play, use something to protect your hearing.

Swimming Ear Protection

Water can be problematic for some adults’ and children’s ears and aggravate an already existing condition. Customised swim plugs are available in a range of colours for those who need to keep their ears dry while swimming, showering or bathing. These swim plugs fit snugly in the ears and greatly reduce the risk of water getting into the ears. Please contact us for further information on these or any advice on hearing protection.

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